Last dive in the Bahamas

Our last dive in the Bahamas. It was one of the saddest experiences during the trip while at the same time one of the most beautiful. We jumped into the water, and at last it seemed so natural to begin diving.

Getting ready to dive

I dove and began to look around Bimini Road, which some people think of as the Lost City of Atlantis. A stretch of natural rock formations went as far as I could see. Mind you this "lost city" did not resemble an example of a city at all. However the dive was beautiful. The coral, shallow water and blazing sun, combined for a magical experience.

In the water

Among the rock formations

There were so many colorful fish from crunching parrotfish to juvenile French angels seeking cover under rocks. After spending almost an hour under water I still did not want to leave; however, it was a perfect last dive for a perfect week. SEA TURTLE was an amazing once in a life time experience which I'll never forget.

Last sunset in the Bahamas


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