Ready and waiting...

It's sunny and warm in Miami!

Barbara and I arrived yesterday to begin preparing the boat for SEA TURTLE. After collecting our dive gear at the Miami airport we headed to Jones Boat Yard where the R/V Coral Reef II is docked.

Jones Boat Yard

We've been busy working on the schedule with Captain John and Captain Lou, setting up dive gear, loading the plankton net and collecting equipment, and finalizing our menu for the week. It looks like we are going to eat REALLY well thanks to Chef Matt! We've also been doing other fun stuff like making all the beds. Barb even put a mint on each pillow.

One of the bunks.

The research vessel is now ready to take us on our journey. All we need is the rest of our team. We can't wait for all the students (and Jenna and Jo) to arrive tonight!

The R/V Coral Reef II.

We'll be leaving very early tomorrow morning to make our way down the Miami River, cross the Gulf Stream, and arrive in Bimini.



  1. Sunnye and I just dropped off Jenna, Isaiah, Nick and Jane at the airport! YAY SEA TURTLE!!!!

  2. You should have seen Jo's crab hat at the airport. There was no way anyone could have missed that thing! Hope the crossing was smooth :)


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