Lessons needed

With days (yay!) until we depart for the Bahamas, lots of questions have been rising to the surface from our SEA TURTLEs. What's the Bahamas like? Is it always sunny? What do the teenagers do there? What do I have to pack? Are we there yet?

Fortunately for the TURTLEs, Sunnye Dreyfus, an educator and Global Explorer at the Aquarium, was more than happy to come and talk to the TURTLEs about the Bahamas and answer some of those questions. A world traveler (click here for past adventures), Sunnye spent 6 months living, working and learning on Elethuera Island as part of the Island School. There she learned the ins and outs of aquaponics as well as some insights into island culture.

Sunnye wearing a necklace she made from plastic pieces found on Bahamas beaches

She was more than happy to tell the class about the people (they are over all friendly), conch stands (they are everywhere!) and the social life on the islands. She also talked about the problem of plastics, which unfortunately can be found everywhere on the beaches (click here for Sunnye's take on the subject). And the thing that the students liked the most? Learning the Bahamas version of " wicked awesome" (which is "mudda sick").

Needless to say, it got the class super excited about traveling. And to get them even more excited, some of those pesky travel questions were answered by Jenna. Flying these days is no picnic, but Jenna walked the class through some clever tricks on how to pack.

Jenna's packing seminar

Her top three suggestions? 1) Roll your clothes to save space...2) Layer clothes and then fold to save space....3) Use your sneakers as storage spots to save space. And why do we need to save space? So that we have room to pack the very important wetsuit!

Not only a sneaker but packing space as well!

So there it is...classroom sessions for SEA TURTLE complete. It's been a great series of lectures and guest speakers to which I'd like to express my thanks for sharing all of their experiences. Now, I have to go pack my bag and practice my "mudda sick". Here we come Bahamas!



  1. I am so excited for your trip this week!! Thanks for letting me hang out with y'all and talk about the Bahamas!!

  2. And thanks for teaching us the lingo! You are definitely mudda sick!


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