Fish don't hold their breath underwater. Now I don't have to either :)

I always thought that my life was amazing in many ways. My friends, family and youth center was always there to back me up. But for the last year and a half there has been another supporter: the staff whom I work with closely at the New England Aquarium. As a coworker once said to me, "The Aquarium loves you!And I love the Aquarium.

Jane is feeling okay!

Thanks to the New England Aquarium I have learned so much about animals and myself. And recently I learned that I can BREATHE UNDER WATER (dun dun dunnnn...). SEA TURTLE has turned senior year of high school into the most exciting year ever. Aside from worrying about college financial aid, now I have something to look forward to!

Jane waves hello

The SEA TURTLE pool sessions have been amazing. Sunday, February 7, 2010 completely made my week. Waking up early in the morning was totally worth it. Learning to set up the equipment was easy enough, learning that a tank filled of air is amazingly heavy was ironic but learning that breathing under water is the most calming thing you can experience was ultimately magical.

I can't wait for our next class!

- Jane

(Click here and here to see how just how much Jane has progressed throughout the program!)

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