It only gets better!

My second underwater dive session was most definitely a life-changing experience.

Evan getting his tank set up

When I was underwater, I was comparing myself to everything from a small seahorse to a seal. (The Aquarium has seahorses AND two kinds of seal, Northern fur seals and Atlantic harbor seals!) I even felt like an astronaut.

I have to admit that when we're geared up (literally from head to toe) my team and I look pretty good...

Lookin' good...

Buddied up and ready to roll, we're all in our own lil' worlds, exploring the world of water even though we're only in a shallow pool. When we moved through the skills and jumped into the bigger pool it got even more exciting. Breathing underwater is amazing! (Read what another SEA TURTLE thinks of breathing underwater here.) I love the feeling.

What a feeling!

- Evan

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