SEA TURTLEs eat Oreos?

You've got to give it to this group of SEA TURTLErs. Every Wednesday from now until April, they'll wake up before 5am, commute to ten different schools in MA and NH, take tests, go to sports practice and then, before even eating dinner, they are out the door again to come to the Aquarium for SEA TURTLE classroom sessions.

Barbara keeping a watchful eye over her dive gear.

For two and a half hours, the SEA TURTLErs are quizzed on weekly readings, watch movies as part of the PADI dive training program and explore group dynamics. After all, they will be living on a boat together for nine days over April school break.

We started our first Wednesday night class on January 27th. After chowing down on the exotic dinner of Oreos, microwave popcorn, some scavenged fruit salad and a few grapes, the teens learned about the basics of dive gear and had the chance to model some of their favorite buoyancy control fashions under the eyes of Barbara (since it was her equipment, Barbara's eyes were very watchful).

Evan modeling buoyancy control fashion.

Alex demonstrating how to descend under water.

The teens also learned about how to identify fish from our GOT that they will see in the Bahamas, like butterflyfish and barracuda (see other Aquarium blog entries about these fishes here and here). At the end of the night, everyone departed to their other life, one filled with homework and dreams of secret underwater communication.

Jane loving the feel of wearing dive gear for the first time.

- Jenna

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