And I thought my day was stressful…

My Name is Libna and I am a Sea TURTLE team member and this is my first blog!

Last week in class, Jenna started us off with a fun group exercise, a way for us all to get close (physically) since we're going to be on a boat together for ten days. I think were going to get along just fine.

All eleven of us had to stand on this small platform at the same time!

Tonight our guest speaker was Dr. John Mandelman.

He has been at the New England Aquarium for ten years as researcher. His specialty is in elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates) and how they get stressed out when they are caught by hooks and nets. Animals that are accidently caught when fishing are called bycatch.

One thing Dr. Mandelman told us was that when sharks and other fish feel threatened, they just keep swimming until their bodies shut down or they die. For some reason, they don't realize that they are tired like humans do.

This is a huge problem because sharks are part of healthy oceans. Unfortunately, there are many species of sharks that are threatened or endangered because of bycatch or people catching them for their fins (see this recent post from Fiji on the Global Explorers Blog).

One of the ways that the New England Aquarium helps sharks in the wild is by educating people about them. Make sure to check out The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank opening this April!

With the Bahamas slowing approaching, excitement is rising; our brains are overflowing with information of diving and information about the Bahamas. Things are going well.

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  1. Hey Libarino I'm so glad your having so much fun in the Bahamas. It sounds like you're learning a lot of new and exciting things and I can't wait to hear about it!!!!
    Love you hun can't wait til you come back


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