A different kind of diving

Tonight, Detective Robert M. Zingg of the Boston Police Department came to talk to us about his work and the kind of opportunities out there after becoming SCUBA certified. Det. Zingg was born and raised in South Boston and started working for Boston in 1983. In 1991 Det. Zingg entered the Boston Police Academy where he underwent intensive training. He told us that it is so hard, that a lot of people drop out.

Currently Det. Zingg is working plain clothes patrol, the gang unit, and the drug control unit. He is a detective in Area B3 which is in the Mattapan, Dorchester area and is responsible for getting finger prints and collecting physical evidence. But, what happens when there is very little physical evidence? They have something called the Locard's Exchange Principle Theory. This means that anytime a person comes into contact with anything, it leaves evidence on them, which then gets transferred on to the victim. Sometimes, the only evidence police detectives have are dust, dirt, rug fibers and fingerprints.

Det. Zingg is also a member of the Boston Police Underwater Recovery Unit. That job entails the search of bodies in and around the city of Boston, recovery of items as evidence, and the underwater inspections of marine structures, vessels and military assets.

The best advice that Det. Zingg had for us, as new divers, was to look for opportunities. "You can always find something to do. The more diving you do, the better you get."

Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to come and talk to you Det. Zingg! We learned so much and it opened our eyes to the opportunities we will have in the future.


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  1. Congratulations and a big Thank You to the kids in the Sea Turtle program..it was a pleasure to speak with you all and best of luck in the future.

    Det. Zingg


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