My daughter? Diving in the Bahamas? Um...

Hi everyone!

My name is Jessica and I'm the newest Sea TURTLE. I'm a senior at Boston Latin Academy and a Teen Intern at the New England Aquarium. I work mostly with Community Programs. We pack up live tidepool animals (like the ones you may have seen in our Edge of the Sea exhibit) and bring them to kids in libraries, after school activities and other special events!

Showing off some of our local tidepool animals!

When I first told my parents I was applying to this program, they weren't as ecstatic as I was... not that I blame them. The idea of sending your child to another country would probably make any parent a little hesitant.

But I applied anyway because I thought this opportunity was too good to pass up. I really wanted to do it! So when I heard I was accepted I made this sound that would probably be impossible and too embarrassing to type out. Since I joined the Sea TURTLE program a few weeks later than everyone else, I didn't get to go to the family orientation. So when I was accepted, Sarah had to meet with my parents so they could catch up on what they missed. They talked about the entire program and how important safety is to Sarah and the whole Sea TURTLE team. When my parents left the meeting, I could tell they were a little more at ease.

If you're thinking about applying next year (the Sea TURTLE II team is working hard to keep the program going!) don't let this opportunity slip away! If you're really willing to work hard for it, everything else will slip into place. I'm glad it did for me!

I am so excited to be apart of this team!

Thanks, Mom and Dad! And thank you, Sea TURTLE!


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