Christian's Eco-Confession

Hi! My name is Christian and I am a junior at Newton South High School. I am also an Aquarium guide volunteer as well as a member of the Sea TURTLE 2011 team. Every Sea TURTLE class is always exciting one, and it holds new opportunities to learn from guest speakers to group activities.

Christian and Libna sharing their "Eco-Confessions."

Last class we shared our eco-confessions, this is a confession that involves a problem dealing with the environment. We talked with our group members about what we do in our every day lives that might have an impact on our oceans and marine life. Our confessions ranged from driving to work every day, taking long showers to leaving on electronics.

We all had ideas on what negative impacts these things may on the environment and how they damage our oceans. For every problem that was discussed in the class, we came up with a solution like taking shorter showers, riding a bike to work or even turning off all your electronics when were out of the house or just not using them.

Even though all of us are trying our best to protect the blue planet, it just isn't enough. My hopes are that people reading the Sea TURTLE blog posts will see the on going problems and try to help protect our oceans as well.

Here are some other ways for people to Live Blue.


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