Coral reefs down the drain…

Hey everyone,

I'm Tommy, a sophomore at Weston High. I heard about Sea TURTLE from my dad, who is involved with the New England Aquarium and I was thrilled to find out that I got in. I can't wait to go on the trip!

This past Wednesday, at the weekly Sea TURTLE meeting, one of our discussions centered on our Eco-Confessions, things that we do that negatively impact the environment. The confessions varied from using a lot of hot water by taking long showers to driving excessively. Both of these actions have a negative impact on climate change: burning more fossil fuels to run our cars or heat our water releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which traps heat from the sun.

One of the effects of climate change on the Bahamas is coral bleaching.

This is when coral polyps lose zooxanthellae, which are tiny, photosynthetic algae that help make food for the corals from sunlight. Without algae, corals become weakened and appear "bleached."

Ultimately, our bad eco-habits have consequences on the ocean thousands of miles away!


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