Bahamas Collecting Expedition: Aquarium visitors become expedition divers!

Posts from the Sea TURTLE teen diving program will continue, but at the same time New England Aquarium staff and volunteers are on their regular spring expedition to the Bahamas. Below is a guest post from two participants, Chad and Nichole. They found out about this trip in a very unique way!

How does a couple from the mountains of North Carolina end up on a specimen collection in the Bahamas by way of Boston?  Here’s how…

Chad and Nichole

In August of 2010, on a business trip to Boston, we spent 2 days at the New England Aquarium. After one of the Giant Ocean Tank presentations we went up to one of the Aquarium staff to ask some questions.  After talking to the presenter, he realized we were divers and suggested we find out about the Aquarium’s dive trips. As soon as we got home we were calling and emailing to get info … and here we are!

Chad and Nichole diving

What an amazing experience! After 2 days of diving we are certainly tired, but it is productive and satisfying work! We have really enjoyed working with the Aquarium staff and other volunteers. This trip will be one of our most memorable dive trips and we hope we are able to do it again!

-Chad and Nichole

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