Live Report from the Bahamas: The Jouney to Adulthood

The Aquarium's teen diving expedition Sea TURTLE is reporting live from the Bahamas. This post is from Chris.

Today we traveled to Bonefish Hole, to snorkel in the mangroves in Bimini! Before many fish are big enough to make it into the open ocean they use the mangroves for shelter and food.

When we traveled to the mangroves and had our snorkeling adventure, I gained a whole new understanding of how important magroves are to the ecosystem. Before coming to the Bahamas I had learned all this from the classes, but one can not truly understand how important they are until you take time to stop and observe for yourself.


The mangroves also act as a barrer which protects the land from storms. It is heart breaking to hear how many mangroves were cut down to build Bimini Bay Resort. There were also plans to make a golf course on the island which would have meant cutting down more mangrove forests. Had this happened, fish would have no place to grow up or live and this Bimini would sease to exist.

 Lionfish (Photo: NOAA)

It was also really cool to see a lionfish up close and see how beautiful they are! But at the same time, you have to stop and think about the negative effects they have on the ecosystem since they are invasive species. They don't belong here which also means they have no natural predators to keep them from killing off the native species.

People must understand that it is not just happening in Bimini but all over the world have suffered and it is to late to doing anything. I know that I will be paying more attention to what goes on around the world, and to also do my best to help out in any way I can. So if you take the time to help out our oceans and their nurseries, then fish can continue to grow up and also other people will have a chance to see them with their own eyes.


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