Goodbye pool, hello Bahamas!

So this past Saturday, the seaTURTLE II team and I did our last pool session at the MIT pool. We practiced the last of our skills that we needed to become successful SCUBA divers. Some of these skills included helping our buddies maneuver around with their masks off. This is to simulate an event where a diver’s mask being knocked off and the buddy being the eyes of the diver.

SCUBA buddies, Josh and Michelle.

We also practiced buddy breathing with just one regulator! My buddy, Michelle, did a fantastic job at helping me get around when I didn’t have my mask and she always reminded me to make sure I had an ample supply of oxygen left. After all buddies are both important and fun at the same time! [Check out this post from the Aquarium's Dive Safety Officer John Hanzl for more about buddy breathing and certification.]

Josh flashing the SCUBA sign for OKAY.

Once we had finished practicing skills, we were all done for our confined water sessions. I couldn’t believe how fast we had done all 3 pool sessions! The next thing I thought was, “the next time I will be in the water, it’s going to be in the Bahamas," which was in five days! How cool is that? I am definitely up for the challenges of diving in open water. So all in have to say for now is, “good-bye pool, hello Bahamas!"

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