Live Report from the Bahamas: Just because you're Hispanic doesn't mean that you can't burn.

The Aquarium's teen diving expedition Sea TURTLE is reporting live from the Bahamas. This post is from Libna.

Hello world, this is Libna! So far the Bahamas has been treating us all well.

Between our dive certification we have some down time. Some Sea TURTLES take naps and others go outside to tan. I decided to both. I took a nap outside and slept for about an hour and a half. When someone woke me up my face was really red!! I was in disbelief, I always thought Hispanics can't burn. Oh well, this proves that everyone is different.

With my burn I began to think why I can burn more in the Bahamas than back home in Boston. Well with some thinking and some help from my chaperones I came with a conclusion: the Earth revolves around the Sun and hits more here near the equator than back in New England. With more heat and more sun I was able to burn quicker.

 Zodiac boats on the Coral Reef II

I also should have put on a little bit more sun block. Lesson learned!!! :)

Mama te amo y te extra├▒o!!!



  1. Hey Libna! Congratulations on having the #1 injury in the tropics! You now officially look like every other tourist. Look for the aloe plant when you're on shore and cut a little piece off the plant. Jenna can help you find the plant and show you how to put the plant's sap on your sunburn. Or, you can wait until you get home & go to Nieman Marcus and spend $80 on a jar of it. Stay cool in the shade! Karen

  2. Isaiah "Aquaman"4/18/11, 7:02 PM

    Keep up the good work Libna! And continue to embrace the trip (even if you get another sunburn)

  3. SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN! Always! :) <3 your aquarium mama :)

  4. Hey Libby it's Tanhay. I miss you so much girlfriend but that sunburn is what you get for leaving your CU crew back here in boston. LOL. Honestly I hope your having fun and can't wait till you get back. I'm having a serious Libna withdrawal. Be safe!
    P.S. I am so posting this on FB!!!
    Love you!!!


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