Countdown to the Bahamas!

We are almost there. In just a few short days, the Sea TURTLE teens and instructors will be together in Miami and then on to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. Everyone has put in a lot of time and work to get to this point: applications, interviews, seven weeknight classes, three pool sessions, awesome guest lecturers, SCUBA quizzes and tests and (of course) blogging. And all the while, teens and instructors alike have had to balance Sea TURTLE with family and school and work.

Michelle and Tommy showing off their official expedition t-shirts! 

Amid all of the expedition preparation, tonight we took some time to reflect on what still lies ahead of us: a ten-day expedition aboard a research vessel in the Bahamas. As a group, we all spoke about what we were most excited about and also got a chance to share anything we were nervous about. Here are some of the things that we shared:


Sleeping on a boat, tasting new foods, seeing the fish and the water—everything! –Denise

Diving in general and growing closer to everyone over 10 days! –Dina

Night diving, meeting Bahamian teens and a week away from technology (like cell phones) –Lulu

Everything but especially the food! –Chris

Being in a new environment—the Bahamas! –Libna

Getting there and experiencing a new place! –Jess

Getting away from the city air and “chillin with the wind in my face” in the Bahamas! –Porshai

My first time on a plane, on a boat, being in another country and swimming in the ocean! –Lee

Everything! Just excited to get to be in the program and get to this point! –Josh

When I heard about night diving, I was like “ahhhh” (in a good way). And being away from my life in Boston –Michelle

All the SCUBA and night diving! –Tommy

The reactions on everyone’s faces as they experience the Bahamas! –Mike, Divemaster

Having the teens meet the ship and it’s Captains! –Sarah, Expedition Leader

Watching how teens adapt to a new environment! And experiencing a beautiful island together! –Jenna

New experiences for everyone and sharing this big adventure together! -Dave


Being on the boat during a natural disaster. –Denise

The night dive. –Dina, Chris

Having my SCUBA gear fall off in the ocean. –Libna

Seasickness. –Mike

Being homesick for my mother, father and brother. –Porshai

Everything, bust especially forgetting to pack something important like SCUBA mask or passport. –Lee

The plane. And using the ship’s bathroom and breaking it. –Josh, Michelle

Telling my coach I’ll be out of the country. –Tommy

That teens forget their passports. –Jenna

Sharing what has been on our minds was really helpful. Lots of excitement and some common concerns. The best part is that we will experience all of this together! And you can share with us by following our blog! See you in the Bahamas!

Dave and the entire Sea TURTLE 2011 team

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