Live Report from the Bahamas: Just Do It.

The Aquarium's teen diving expedition Sea TURTLE is reporting live from the Bahamas. This post describing what the team does on the ship to entertain themselves between dives is from Tommy.

Ferocity. Tenacity. Fire. Not usually words associated with scuba diving, but tonight was no normal evening. The madness started with marine-themed jeopardy and was satisfied by a bizarre series of events including the newly invented Foot Olympics.

Sarah, a size 8 (women's) was pitted against Josh, a size 8 (men's). Because no one wanted to eat them, the licorice-flavored jelly beans were used to test the aptitude and dexterity of the athletes' toes. A contest was held to see which of the veteran players could hold more jelly beans using only their feet.

Sarah took an early lead and, with the help of random and sporadic cheers from Jenna, appeared to have the win wrapped up. However, just as Oregon could not hang with Auburn in the National Championship, and Butler's nerves made them inconsistent inside the arc against UCONN at the end of March Maddness, the inexperienced competitor cracked under the pressure.

As the final seconds ticked off the game clock, Sarah slipped and dropped the myriad of jelly beans held in her toes, giving the W to the steady, patient Josh. With hours of intense training wasted and her pride lost, Sarah sulked off the court as Josh gleamed with victory. It was a ludicrous end to a hectic day.

Also, shouts to Denise for vacuuming the salon.

[This isn't the first time a Coral Reef II crew has entertained themselves with such hi-jinks. Check out educator Tim's post from a 2010 expedition here.]


  1. GO josh! we love you and miss you.

  2. Surprised Jenna didn't throw her feet into the competition


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