#80: What's Happening - Real live reptilian sea turtles!

Time for our Giant Ocean Tank (GOT) biannual sea turtle exams yet again. All four individual turtles, representing 3 of the 7 species in the world, were pulled, examined, weighed and returned to the GOT. They include Carolina and Retread, both loggerheads, Ari the Kemp's ridley, and of course Myrtle the green sea turtle.

Chris, Retread, and Wally

These exams are very important for the overall health of the sea turtles. They are also a fun and educational experience for our volunteers, especially our college interns. Shown in the picture above, Wally, one of our four summer interns, helped me hold Retread up so that the veterinarian could get a good look at her underside, known as the plastron.

I'm happy to report that all are healthy!

-Chris B

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  1. Maybe it's been a few years since I've been to the NEAQ, but what happened to Scute the other Kemp's Ridley turtle?


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