Final thoughts from Libna

The 2011 Sea TURTLE teen diving expedition is back in Boston. In this post, Libna shares her final thoughts on her experience with the program.

Throughout Sea TURTLE, I learned a lot about myself. SCUBA diving and seeing all the beautiful and amazing life under the water made me realize that I want to further my education in environmental studies and marine biology.

I also learned that I can survive on a boat with the same people for ten days.

Libna immediately after her SCUBA certification dive! Who's more excited, Libna or Mike?

There are a lot of connection that I have learned between my life in Massachusetts and the marine habitat of the Bahamas. No matter how far away we are, its still our world that we have to protect. I am going to be more aware of what I do here so I won’t affect marine habitats in the Bahamas or anywhere else in the world.

Perfect timing: We saw this beautiful nurse shark (and hitch hiking shark sucker) on our last dive in the Bahamas!

My perspective of the ocean has changed a lot since Sea TURTLE. I have a new love for the ocean and I want to do what I can to protect it. I feel like I truly understand the importance of what I tell other people about the ocean. Its one thing to just talk about it, it’s another to actually go see it. Just imagining those habitats not being there anymore is a scary thought. A lot of animals rely on those corals as a home and shelter, it would be wrong to get rid of them. When I saw the nurse sharks just sleeping on bottom, it made me realize that the ocean is its home. I don’t want anyone ruining that.

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  1. Yay, Libna! I'm sure your profound discoveries will help you learn and teach in the future!

  2. wow Libna. Beautiful words from a beautiful person!


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