Final thoughts from Christian

The 2011 Sea TURTLE teen diving expedition is back in Boston. In this post, Christian shares his final thoughts on her experience with the program.
My life in Massachusetts is very hectic and busy with all the work I get from school, making sure that I get good grades and hope I get into collage and then get a job. In the Bahamas juvenile organisms kind of share a similar life style in the sense that until they are adults they have to struggle to survive.

A lot of the plankton we saw from our tows were small invertebrates and the larvae of different animals. Most will get eaten and never reach adulthood. And we think that we have it tough!

I was saddened by the lack of shark and other native species to the coral reef. However I did learn that even if something happens such as a ship sinking good can come out of it like creating a new how for marine life. [Read Christian's earlier post about habitat destruction.]

Check out this video of Christian and the other Sea TURTLES entering the Sapona wreck:

Sometimes artificial reefs like the Sapona act like an oasis in the desert by creating new habitats for animals that would have no where else to live in the area!

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