Final thoughts from Michelle

The 2011 Sea TURTLE teen diving expedition is back in Boston. In this post, Michelle shares her final thoughts on her experience with the program.

After diving and exploring the Bahamas, I realized that the ocean is different everywhere we go.

View of Michelle in the salon with the Sapona wreck in the background. Talk about a meal with a view!

There is a huge variety of life found in one place and the next. Each individual animal in an ecosystem depends on another one to live. I also learned that the entire Earth is connected.

Identifying the animals that we saw during our dives. There were a lot of them!

Every time I decide to drive or take a long, hot shower, I burn fossil fuels. This adds more carbon dioxide to the air and this causes the ocean to become more acidic as it absorbs it. Animal and plant life everywhere in the ocean becomes affected.

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