Final thoughts from Josh

The 2011 Sea TURTLE teen diving expedition is back in Boston. In this post, Josh shares her final thoughts on her experience with the program.

My perspective on oceans has changed being part of Sea TURTLE.

Shore leave: Josh and the Sea TURTLES exploring the beautiful student garden at the Bimini All Ages School.

Living in Massachusetts I have many luxuries and things that I didn't have down in the Bahamas. I feel like I have a more gentle approach on how to help the ocean. I have come to realize that taking shorter showers isn't so bad and being dependent on my phone and computer was taking me away from the beauty of the world.

Josh identifying animals underwater for a REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) fish survey.

I view the ocean as an essential part of human existence and helping and taking action now will help to secure the future of our world.

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