Final thoughts from Porshai

The 2011 Sea TURTLE teen diving expedition back in Boston. In this post, Porshai shares her final thoughts on her experience with the program.

After seeing the ocean and its inhabitants with my own two eyes, I couldn’t believe how vast and populated the world was down there. Images do the ocean no justice. The beauty and calmness of the ocean is truly breathtaking!

I have also learned about the effect that simple behaviors like taking a long shower, not choosing the most sustainable fish to eat, and simple education plays a big role on the oceans and its inhabitants, including the people that live on Bimini.

Who knew plankton tows could be so exciting?

More specifically, I have learned that the research, education, and outreach done by the aquarium greatly affect the Bahamas. For example, if educators didn’t explain invasive species (like lionfish) to me then I would have not been able to explain it to others. Ignorance is bliss and without education, some would go about daily life not considering that they too have an affect on the ocean.

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  1. Porshai-You are so impressive--wise beyond your years--and so much fun too!


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